A myth about a star

2nd High School of Nafplio-GREECE

On a cold December night, 15-year-old Phoebus was coming back home after his private lesson when he heard from the yard his parents arguing. As he approached the voices were getting louder and louder. He wondered what was going on. On entering the house he asked his parents. “What's wrong?” They replied. “Don't interfere in grown-ups matters. All you have to care about is your school lessons. Go to your room!” Sad and angry as he was, he ran ti his room but no matter how hard he tried to do his homework, he could not concentrate. Then he went to the window and looked calmly at the stars. Suddenly a red light flashed in the sky which grew bigger and bigger as it approached. He didn't pay attention at the beginning but the flash headed towards his window. All of a sudden a loud crash was heard in the yard. Phoebus ran to see and saw a
red smoky rock. He got so frightened that he ran to his room and hid in his wardrobe thinking that all this was just a nightmare.
After a while he came out. There wasn't anymore smoke in the garden but he only saw a red star that was dying. He asked: “Is there anything A can do to help?” The star replied with a quiver in its voice: “I'm injured. If you want to save me, there's only one way: all I need is to be loved. I hope that you could help me.” Then desperate as he was, he ran to the streets looking for some people who would care about the star. He saw two well-dressed men who were counting their money. Phoebus thought that they might help. He asked them: “My good people, could you help me save this wounded star?” The two men looked at each other and began to laugh. “A star? Are you all right, my boy? Do your parents know that you are out at this time of the night speaking nonsense about a star?” The second man curled his lips and said: “ A star! Will I gain any money if I take care of it?” His friend replied: “Never mind! He is just a small boy. What does he know? Go home boy and he pushed him. Phoebus shook his head desperately and shouted: “All you grown-ups care about is money! What about love and thankfulness?” He went on walking, despite the cold. What mattered to him was to save the star. He said to it: “Don't you worry! I'll save you, for sure! Cheer up!” While he was walking down the streets, he saw two thin ladys with glamourous clothes, talking and laughing at each other. He approached and said to them: “I
need your help. This star is dying and I have to find five people to embrace it, as if it was their own child.” The ladys examined the child from the head to the toes and the first lady said: “Are you crazy??? Jesus, look how dirty it is, it's going to sully my new clothes!” And the second lady added: “We're in a hurry.

Anyway, we have an appointment at the hairdresser's.” ,and they left. The kid ran after them screaming: “It's just a hug, but what shall i do with it, if your love is not real?” The child started crying and said to the star: “I won't be able to save you because no one is listening to me. Everyone cares about his own life.

While he was talking, some angry voices were heard.” They were the workers of the nearby factory, going on strike, fighting for their rights. Phoebus went closer, thinking that somebody would help him. Then one cross worker pushed him in order to get past and the latter protested: “Take it easy! I'm only a kid!” He kept wandering around, but everybody ignored him. Everyone was looking at him crying but the took no notice. All of a sudden the star started flashing, because the smog of the factory made it feel bad. The kid started running. He wanted to get away from this world where nobody cares about anything. He had lost all of his hopes and he was muttering: “I won't make it. I will disappoint
you.” He reached a playground and sat down with the wounded star in his arms. The other children who where playing, wondered about the kid but none of them paid attention. Phoebus, desperate as he was, started shouting: “Turn your back on me and don't care exactly like the grown-ups. That's the way you were taught and you want to act the same. But life isn't the same all the time. It's maybe a message or a warning but none of the grown-ups care. On the other hand I know we can save it!” The children looked at him with a question in their eyes and the only words they could utter were: “Star. Love. Grown-ups. We.” But the star was gradually getting dimmer and dimmer and its tears were falling down on the earth. The child held the star up so that everybody could see it clearly. A voice was heard from the children: “We will try. We will help although we may not succeed.” Then all the kids ran and hugged each other with tears in their eyes. After that the little star woke up, flew high in the air and shouted: “You are not the same. You did it! You saved me! Thank you all for everything!” All the children thought: “It's a miracle! How did we manage to achieve that?” The star replied: “It's not a miracle! Your true love and your innocence have saved me! Your actions weren't a
pretense! They were pure without any financial motivation! The only think you wanted was just to save me! That's the reason I thank you so much!” Finally the children gave to each other a huge hug and jumped in the air all together singing a nice song.